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Free SEO Tools

We showcase many free SEO tools at In addition to promoting our free tools and premium tools, we also recommend relevant internet marketing tools from third party vendors.

We give away some of our Firefox extensions in a package on this page. After you have set up your free basic account, and logged into it, you can download all the free SEO tools here. If you have not created an account or have not logged in you will not be able to download those free tools.

Already download the tools and have a usage question?

Did You Read The Usage Instructions?

Please note that if you are not a PAYING customer AND your issue is with our free SEO tools then we will NOT respond to ANY requests where you have not read the installation and operating instructions from the associated download pages.

SEO Tool Usage + Configuration Instructions

For your convenience here are links to the official resource centers for SEO 4 Firefox, Rank Checker, the SEO Toolbar, & the download page. (The download page requires you set up a free account and login to it).

Need to Uninstall a Tool?

If you would like to uninstall something here are 2 ways to do that.





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