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Troubleshooters allow you to sort through categories to reveal solutions. Please choose the category that is related to your area of interest in order to learn how to fix specific problems, perform important procedures, and read useful overviews.

Our knowledgebase also lists answers to dozens of common questions.

Using SEO Tools

Learn how to get the most out of our free & paid SEO tools.

Free Tools

We showcase many free SEO tools at In addition to promoting our free tools and premium tools, we also recommend relevant internet marketing tools from third party vendors.

We give away some of our Firefox extensions in a package on this page. After you have set up your free basic account, and logged into it, you can download all the free SEO tools here. If you have not created an account or have not logged in you will not be able to download those free tools.

Free SEO Tool Issues?

SEO Tool Usage + Configuration Instructions

For your convenience here are links to the official resource centers for SEO 4 Firefox, Rank Checker, the SEO Toolber, & the download page. (The download page requires you set up a free account and login to it).

Need to Uninstall a Tool?

If you would like to uninstall something here are 2 ways to do that.

Paid Tools

All of our premium SEO tools are accessible to logged in paid members on this page.

Account Permissions Issues

How to verify and ensure your account is working properly.

Verifying Subscription Status

If you are having issues accessing your account please login to Paypal and verify your payment went through and that your subscription is still active.If you change credit cards or cancel for some other reason your account permissions are typically immediately locked out. If your account is locked out and you want a pro-rated refund for unused credits, please read this article for instructions on how to get a pro-rated refund. If you need help re-enabling your account please submit a ticket and we will promptly respond to help get your account active again.

Logging In

If you forgot your username you can typically enter your email address in as your username and login. If you forgot your password you can request a password reset for the training program & blog here and a password reset for the community forums here.If there are issues with retrieving your account details using the above links please submit a ticket with your username and/or your Paypal email address and we will promptly investigate the issue and get your account working as soon as possible.

Accessing Community Forums

In some cases with vBulletin forums cookies issues can cause users to be redirected back to the login page after logging in. In our experience the easiest way to fix this issue is to clear cookies, close your browser, and re-open your browser.Another option is to try logging into the forums while using another browser. We highly recommend installing Firefox as a second browser if you are not yet using Firefox.If neither of the above are working then it might be best to try to reset your password and see if that fixes the issue. If that does not fix the issue, please submit a ticket and we will manually reset your password and verify your account works on our end.


If you cancel you can rejoin again at a later date. In fact, most members who cancel and try other internet marketing sites end up quickly re-joining this site again. The level of interactivity and quality of discussion in our member forums are simply unmatched.If you have account permissions issues when you try to rejoin please submit a ticket including your username and we will help clear up any permissions issues on our end.

Site Navigation

This guide outlines how to get the most out of our SEO training program using 4 different navigation strategies - beginner's guides, default navigation, sitemap, and site search.


This forum thread welcomes new members to the site, and offers tips on how to work through the site.

The SEO Training program summary comes with an article that aims to put SEO in perspective, and 2 overview checklists - a shortened one and a more turough version.

The Blogger's Guide to SEO is focused on blogs, but 99% of the ideas in it apply to just about any website, especially since SEO is becoming a social activity.

We also offer 2 autoresponder sequences:

Global Navigation

Global Navigation

Throughout different parts of the site our global navigation scheme changes.In the SEO Community forums we highlight many forum specific navigational options, and link to hot new threads with the latest news optionOn the SEO blog we generally highlight many sitewide navigational options - like joining the site, upgrading account status, and our various subdomains.In the SEO training section the top navigation is primarily focused on core areas in the training program.The training section of the site also lists global navigational options in the left rail.

Training Section Specific Navigation

Throughout our SEO training program the navigation in the left rail changes based on where you are located in the site. Here is an image showing what the left rail navigation might look like for a person viewing an article about link building. Notice how link building is nested under off site SEO, which is a subset of the search engine optimization section.Within each parent section we highlight the deeper related articles in the content area.


Training Program

You can view the homepage of our SEO training program here

The entire sitemap for our SEO training program here

The advanced members only autoresponder is here

The exclusive newsletter is here

Exclusive SEO tools are located here

Exclusive SEO videos are located here

SEO Community Forums

Our private forums are located here, and we highlight some of the best threads here The forums also have a search function and a get posts feature which allows you to get new posts, or posts from any day within the last 7 days.

Free Parts of the Site

Our basic free autoresponder sequence is here

Our public tools are located here

Our public videos are located here

Our blog is located here

Site Search

The following search boxes will allow you to search through the SEO Book site.

Global Search

This uses a Google custom search engine to search the publicly accessible portions of the site. It also searches the headlines of our exclusive SEO training content, but the forum search is only available to people logged into the forums.

Training Search

This search box searches the full text of the members only training program + monthly newsletters inside the training program.

Forum Search

This search box searches through our exclusive forum. Please note that this search will not work unless you are logged into your account and are an active paying member to the site.



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